Privacy of Information

SLGA is committed to protecting privacy and safeguarding personal information in accordance with The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act,The Health Information Protection Act and the Government of Saskatchewan Privacy Framework.

When you visit a Government of Saskatchewan website, the server may automatically collect and retain a limited amount of data essential to the efficient operation and security of that site. An automated process may analyze this data and a statistical report may be created to help us identify usage trends and improve our service.

Questions concerning SLGA’s Privacy Policy can be directed to SLGA’s Privacy Officer.

SLGA Privacy Officer
Vice President, Policy and Planning Division
9th Floor, 2500 Victoria Ave
Regina, SK S4P 3M3
Telephone: (306) 787-4214
Facsimile: (306) 787-8439

If you are unsatisfied with the decision of SLGA’s Privacy Officer respecting the access to information, you may apply for a review of the matter with Saskatchewan’s Information Privacy Commissioner.

Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner
503-1801 Hamilton Street
Regina, SK S4P 4B4
Telephone: (306) 787-8350
Toll Free Telephone (within Saskatchewan): 1-877-748-2298
Facsimile: (306) 798-1603

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SLGA Privacy Policy

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SLGA Accuracy of Personal Information Policy

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Request to Correct Personal Information form

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