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If the product you are looking for is not currently listed in SLGA Retail stores, it may be available through a special order.


To make a request, you require the name of the product, size of product and any other information you may have. SLGA will then contact the supplier to see if the product is available.


Please note there is a one case minimum for products ordered through our special order service and delivery times typically range from 4-6 weeks for domestic products to up to six months for international orders. Like products sold in SLGA Retail stores, products ordered through the special order service are subject to freight, duty, taxes, exchange and SLGA Retail's markup. (Typically, the final cost of the product(s) ordered will be approximately 3-4 times higher than the retail price in the country of origin).


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Contact SLGA's Special Order Desk:
Phone: (306) 787-6558
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